Friday, May 21, 2010

Missing you !

Hi Friends:

How ARE you? I have missed stopping in to visit .

Been heavily involved with graduation preparations ... taken quite alot more time than anticipated. On top of that, we have had rain, rain, rain here in Central OH and there springs a leak right over my stamping table. Big boo hoo ! But hey, after tomorrow , it looks like the rain will move out for a good while, things will dry out and I WILL happily be back in my therapy room ! I am SO ready to go !

I'll be squeezing in some peeks to your blogs to view your gorgeous creations so be seeing you real soon.

Big hugs !


Debbi said...

Bummer, Crystal! I hope the rain clears up soon, and your "therapy session" can begin. :-) I hope the graduation plans go well.

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