Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Brief Note ...

I'll be traveling for the coming week and since I have yet to figure out how to do scheduled posts , I won't have any cards posted for you but check back here next week. I will be crazy itching to stamp, blog and visit your blogs when I return ! Have a really good week , everyone ! { hugs !}


Melanie said...

Hello Crystal!

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! I just took a peek at yours, and your work is just lovely! You have some beautiful projects here.

I didn't know how to schedule posts either until about two weeks ago, and it's actually pretty simple. When you are creating a post, look at the bottom left corner and it should say "Post Options". Click on this, and a little window will open up that says "Post date and time" on the right hand side. Just adjust this to whenever you want the post to go online. Then click "Publish Post", and it should tell you that your post is now scheduled. Easy peasy!!

Hope that helps!



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop by, I hope you are having fun on your travels, and have a safe trip home...
Hugs, Christina

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