Friday, March 27, 2009

Please pray for Blake

Dear blogging friends :
I would like to ask all of you to pray for a fellow rower friend of my son's. Blake was diagnosed with necrotizing fascitis more than a week ago. Blake was a sophomore when my son was a senior varsity rower ... Blake is now a senior and one of the best rowers in the state of Ohio. This past week due to this diagnosis, both of his legs were amputated due to this strep -like bacteria. He was given less than 20% chance to live but miraculously today that has increased to 75%. He only learned of the loss of his legs yesterday. He has a long painful road ahead of him. Would you pray for him and his family .. for healing, strength and much courage as he faces the many surgeries and life changes ahead. Thank you so much. I know his family would be so grateful .


jacque4u2c said...

I have never heard of this disease. Just terrible - but the chances are quite better - that is atlest good. The family is in our thoughts.

Marianne Sanders said...

Crystal - prayers up! Scot had a strep throat which spread to his favorite thumb when he was about 2 but never got serious because he was already on antibiotics, and they gave him more when they saw his thumb.

Lisa Foster said...

Crystal, I will surely be praying for Blake. I have only seen 1 case of Necrotizing Fascitis in all my years of nursing. It is without a doubt a horrible, painful disease. I will also pray for his family and friends. {Hugs to you and your son}

Dottie said...

With out any questions I will be morn then Happy to pray for Blake. This is a wonderful time to get a Prayer circle going and you have it stared on your blog. I will send a message out to everyone on my e-mail list and if everyone sends it out on their list then We will have a very large circle going. If now everyone on your blog list does the same thing the message will get out there all over not just the country but the world. I had done this before and I truly believed that it did help everyone involved.
God Bless Blake and His family
God Knows your a Very Special Person Crystal , and he will help your son His friends and you all get through this very hard time.
Keep the Faith.
Trust in God.

Dottie said...

Hi All;
I got this from a friend on my Blog list, please say a prayer for this young man, and lets get a prayer circle going for this young boy. I believe that there is a power in prayer so lets get this going.
Thanks God Bless
Also please go to Crystals blog and leave a message of Encouragement.

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