Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prayer Update

Hi Everyone !
No card yet to post but will have one for you tomorrow morning. A couple of you have asked about Blake, the Columbus rower who lost his legs to Necrotizing Fascitis . He is doing much better. Last week was very hard with more surgeries to remove more affected muscle and tissue on his left thigh which was greatly disappointing but his right thigh was much better and Dr's. were able to save some of the thigh muscle on his right. They have since closed up his wounds and now the healing begins. Would you continue to pray for healing , strength and courage ? His road to recovery and learning to deal with mobility challenges will be hard and frustrating at times. He is a fighter ( rowers are a tough breed !) so we know he has the tools plus a strong faith in God. Thanks ! Hugs ...Hugs !


Chris said...

Blake will be in my thoughts and I wish him the strength to conquor all the challenges that lie ahead for him. Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal:
Glad to hear that Blake is getting a little better. and glad you are updating us here about him yes I will keep him in our prayers here and I will send out another Prayer circle request also.
God Bless this young man.

Hugs, : )

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