Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dottie made ME smile this morning !

I opened my blog earlier this morning to find this cute award from Dottie and it made ME smile ! Thanks SO much, friend ! You always encourage me ! Hope all of you have something in your day that makes you SMILE . { hugs !}


Dottie Seubert said...

Morning Crystal:
I am so glad I made you Smile. I also sent this award to Danielle she is another lady that i follow I don't know if you know her but I do know you would enjoy her blog very much. she has 2 of them,
I know you would enjoy them both. and I have a question how is you son's friend doing.
I have not seen any updates so I wanted to ask.
Well you have a wonderful and loving special
Mother's Day
God Bless you My friend
Hugs: )


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