Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've Been Tagged !

Oh my... I've been tagged by sweet friend Christina over at Christina's Creations . If you haven't visited Christina, you scoot on over to visit her beautiful blog and gorgeous work , will ya ? How fun to read what she wrote after being tagged. I'm going to try and answer these same questions so bear with me. I hope you don't get too bored !

8 things I look forward to :
1. More stunningly gorgeous Spring/ Summer weather like today !
2. Our trip to Bali and Australia
3. A completed kitchen remodel !
4. Always more time with good friends and family
5. More time to get in shape this summer
6. Always time in the stamping room
7. Seeing what the boys do with their lives
8. Hopefully our snowbird years in Venice FL

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Get up , lift weights and walk
2. Touch base with the builder
3. Laundry, organizing and grilling dinner , yet again !
4. Bible study on Beth Moore's " Esther"
5. Spent too much time on the computer !
6. Shopping for remodeling needs
7. Read

8 things I wish I could do :
1. Shop for the gorgeous things I want for the home without regard to price !
2. Shop for the stamps and supplies I would like without regard to price !
3. Know exactly what people need and how to meet their needs perfectly
4. Set up a fabulous stamping AND spa retreat for all my stamping buddies and pay for it myself ! ( seriously !)
5. Get in shape, stay in shape and stop beating myself up when I fail
6. Sing !
7. Turn my stamping room into a fabulous and organized designer spot !
8. ( ok, just one more... come on think hard ... ) Make sure I have not missed teaching one critical thing my boys need to know to be respectable, godly, successful and caring individuals.

8 things or shows I've watched lately:
1. Divine Design
2. Dancing with the Stars
3. Good Morning America
4. more HGTV
5. Marley and Me
6. ABC News
7. Law and Order
8. Barefoot Contessa

Whew ... did I finish all that ? That was my CHALLENGE for today ! I'll think hard and tag a few people in the next couple of days !

OK ... done ! Hope to have a post for you tomorrow. { hugs !}


jacque4u2c said...

that was neat!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Dottie Seubert ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Wow I have been getting all kinds of those in my e-mail. exhausting some of them but cure. looks like you had fun doing them.
Thanks for the post About my Giveaway. Your such a sweetie. Thanks again
~God Bless~
Hugs :o)
♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

How fun!!!! I loved reading your answers.... ok, so on Marley and Me, did you cry.... I did, had tears running!! lol
Hugs, Christina

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